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Ravi Subramanian is the master storyteller of financial crime and the winner of many awards for his work. 'The Bankster' is the first Subramanian's book that I read recently and I was blown away by the storyline. After reading this absolutely thrilling novel, you will find asking yourself, "Should I really trust these bankers who claim to keep my money safe?' because the author has put the "bad" side of them in an upfront.

The plot revolves around the two central characters- Krishna Menon and Karan Punjabi. While the former is completely distraught by the death of his son in nuclear blast and is adamant to prevent any such further accidents, the latter who is an ex-banker and a press reporter is baffled by chain of deaths of a bank's employees.

Menon, while protesting for the safety of people from nuclear plants and Punjabi, while delving into the mysterious deaths of employees come across a global conspiracy and a biggest scam ever. So, Menon strug…


In the chilly mornings, the alarm clock rings, breaking your dreams into bits  and waking you to assemble those pieces in reality. But, when you choose  to stay under the covers and when you refuse to follow  the arduous trajectory, Oh boy! You are not desperate enough to taste victory.
In the ocean of life, you swim and swim into the oblivion to reach the end.  The end or the victory is far, invisible but, it is there. The journey is daunting and you start with a heart brimming with aplomb. But, when a huge wave throws you hard, back in deep waters and you choose not to be brave to start again and create history Oh boy! You are not desperate enough to taste victory.
On the path of success, you start as a caterpillar and end  as a beautiful butterfly. But, if you choose to remain cocooned  and refuse to accept change, you die. If stepping out of your protective shell makes you feel jittery, Oh boy! You are not desperate enough to taste victory.


As the mother cooked various lip-smacking dishes, sweat dripped from her forehead intermittently. But, she had no time to wipe it. Outside the kitchen, the drawing room was decked up with marigold flowers, rendering a beautiful look to their otherwise spartan place. The father was on the heels of their servant, ensuring that every speck of dust is cleared. Boxes of sweets were brought in with family members flitting around the house leading to utmost chaos and confusion.

Well! It was a red letter day for their daughter since a family was coming to see her with a marriage proposal. Slight nervousness could be seen on each of their faces. Everyone was meticulous enough to make everything look perfect since they had a fear of being judged!
So, an hour later, the guests arrived. From the threshold itself, their eyes began wandering to find some flaws. They all sat in the drawing room and the mother arranged delectable delicacies she had prepared on the table. While the guests had a broad…