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When rage grips you, when misery hugs you,   the lid of brusqueness breaks apart  and filthy words ooze out.  They travel through your bones scouring  for an opening,  and since kindness doesn't obstruct them, they are easily blurted out.
 Vicious words, falling on the ears of people around seem bitter pill to swallow.  Still they devour, slackening the threads of relationships, rendereing your friendship  nothing but hollow.
But, when the fury leaves your hand, when your saner part  takes a hold, you cognize your mistake. Beseeching the words  to come back, you realize that words once spoken  cannot be retreated and ties once broken,  cannot be treated.


Twinkle Khanna, who managed to tickle your funny bone with her bestselling book, 'Mrs Funnybones', is back with her new book, 'The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad'. While her debut book gave you fun-filled moments and made you burst into fits of laughter, in her next work, Khanna has delved deep into our system and has jotted down the loopholes very eloquently, convincing us at the same time to rethink on our notions and beliefs.

The first story revolves around a young girl, Lakshmi Prasad, who witnessed the burden of two daughters on her parents and came up with a revolutionary idea that made women a blessing, not a curse. 
While the second story is a love story of two aged people and how they unite without caring for the society. The third one is about a girl, Elisa struggling to break the notion,"Without marriage, girls are useless" and the last story shows how a determined man, Bablu Kewat despite being ostracized, goes on to manufacture low cost sanitary pads.


The sun climbed over the skyline. The rays streaming through the window, fell gently on Amit's face, disturbing him from deep sleep. After much wallowing in bed, he finally got up, already exhausted from the thought of going to a business party.

 But, his despair melted down as he saw a huge shelf thrusted with books. His eyes gleamed and a wide smile, symbolising his love for books, flashed on his face, pushing away the sorrow.

An hour later, Amit was all decked up, dressed up to the nines, sporting an immaculate black tuxedo, that he had apparently bought from his hard-earned money just to impress everyone. He looked in the mirror. Everything was perfect but, one thing was missing- the mask!
 As soon as he put it on, he turned into the Amit of the people. The introvert and 'not a party lover' turned into a gregarious and a party person. The 'book lover' turned into the one who would say, "Books? How boring!".
So, there Amit was at the party. Smiling an…


It seems like only a few days ago, when we embraced 2016. And here we are again, at the brink of it, almost ready to fall in 2017, whose waiting with bated breath  to see its victims squandering yet another year,  living in mediocrity, without contemplating their actions
and playing everything by ear.

Time fleets.
And we struggle to match its pace,
running fast to win the race.
Decisions once taken are never
 pondered upon ever again.
Life, we lived years ago,
as colorless, riskless and dull,
is being still lived the same, again and again!

The 'fast forward' mode is always on.
We never pause to rewind our life
and think for just a moment,
"Is this the life I always want?"
Contemplation is the first baby step
towards our aspirations,
as it instills in us the power
to take resolute decisions.

Life whizes by quicker than we think.
Before we reach our graves,
before it is too late,
snatch a minute from it to mull over our existence


As I sit in isolation, staring outside at the abstruse world, myriad of thoughts keep twirling inside, endeavouring to come out of the hard shell that I have within. For they too have realised that world is curt. towards me, an introvert.
Pic credits: Huffington Post 

While people are enjoying their camaraderie with every being coming their way, I, a lone wolf, find joy in the smell of books. But, people say, "how drab it is", passing me irksome looks.
The trend of being gregarious is surfacing.  While folks out there are busy  competing for followers, and texting to build so called "connections". I often love to delve into myself, talk to myself  not paying heed to their rejections. I have my own secret place for my thoughts, feelings and emotions.
But, I seldom try to come out of my zone, And try to transform my thoughts into a speech with the same ease  that I feel when I pen them down on a paper. But, people don't listen to an introvert. Before you explai…