The sun climbed over the skyline. The rays streaming through the window, fell gently on Amit's face, disturbing him from deep sleep. After much wallowing in bed, he finally got up, already exhausted from the thought of going to a business party.

 But, his despair melted down as he saw a huge shelf thrusted with books. His eyes gleamed and a wide smile, symbolising his love for books, flashed on his face, pushing away the sorrow.

An hour later, Amit was all decked up, dressed up to the nines, sporting an immaculate black tuxedo, that he had apparently bought from his hard-earned money just to impress everyone. He looked in the mirror. Everything was perfect but, one thing was missing- the mask!

 As soon as he put it on, he turned into the Amit of the people. The introvert and 'not a party lover' turned into a gregarious and a party person. The 'book lover' turned into the one who would say, "Books? How boring!".

So, there Amit was at the party. Smiling and nodding at the guests, calm and poised while his true self, hidden deep within him was feeling just the opposite. It seemed as if the real Amit was scuffling with the fake one to let him come to the surface.

Moments later, this argument was getting serious. Amit was feeling uneasy. He felt his books shouting for him. They are berating him for leaving them alone. He wanted to get back then and there. He wanted to break the mask off but couldn't as he wanted to please people too.

Finally, he was able to weather the storm. After draining all the inner peace and acting as a sophisticated Amit, he returned home, threw his mask off and sprawled on the bed. He felt he was born again, as if he had been released from the prison after years. All the burden faded away and at last he was actually at peace as he laid on the bed with a book in his hand.

After revitalizing, he got up, kept the book back on the shelf, picked up the mask that he had thrown and kept it safely in his wadrobe for it had to be worn the next day!


  1. It's remindering me of a real truth which might occur sometimes. As the person might not be in the right mood to appear in the public. However, altering moods between these two opposite exterems should not become habitual. I think those who are either introvert or gregarious may move just one step farther from their comfort zone but not being at the diverse point repeatively for pleasing others. It is great to be ownself without being enforced to show off. Thank you

    1. Hey! Nice to see you here and to have your opinion.
      Thanks for stopping by. Keep coming!

  2. Awesome one, i have such a mask for boring family functions and few other get together.

  3. Thanks a lot!
    Haha.. Well, I also had this mask but soon got rid of that. Now, I take my real self to these gatherings if ever I go :)


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