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He came home at twelve that night.  I opened the door and served him dinner. While he ate,  I stayed there, just in case he needed water or some extra beans.  We didn't talk. He didn't ask 'Why are you up so late?' The only sound breaking the silence was the spoon clicking against his plate. Later, I would sleep only to find him gone the next morning.  This had been my daily routine for I was his spouse,  living as a stranger in his house. 
But something different happened that night. He moved and lay right next to me;  flung his arms around my waist  and kissed my neck. I shrugged and  tried to wriggle out of his tight embrace. 'No, I am tired', I whispered. It didn't matter for he was tired too;  in need of some leisure  and so my body for him was a pleasure.
I shared with my family and they laughed it off.  Some said 'You are young, married and a beauty' while some told that it's my duty. I filed for divorce, but a counsellor was appointed w…