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I opened my eyes and all I could see was water around me. I tried to hold my breath, but I gave up and could feel the water gushing down inside me. My heart ached and my chest was heavy but still, no desperation to breathe air gripped me since, I had lost the desire to live. Just laying there, embracing death, I was leaving behind the problems and troubles YOU gave me.
As I sank deeper into an obscure world, my mind raced through the painful moments- the moment I realised your hatred for me and the moment you crushed me just like people who walk away, stepping on a beautiful flower and never bothering to look back. I was soaring high but, you pulled me down. You thrusted failures and sorrows on me but, never gave me a reason. At last, I was tired and decided to part ways with you.
I did not live at peace so, I was glad to at least die at peace. There was no one; just me and the waves, stealing my breaths gradually. But, suddenly I felt a strong force pushing me up, forcing me to live…


Before I start, let me confess that as soon as I completed this book, I could not wait to spread the beautiful message this little piece of treasure holds for you! So, here I am, writing and sharing what I collected during this treasure trove.

We all have dreams; dreams that are sometimes, totally different from what life we are living today, dreams that have the power to change our course of life in a snap of our finger, but only if we have courage to listen to them. We all witness the pain when God strokes the canvas of our life with different shades of failure; failure of love or failure of career but we can make a beautiful painting out of it only if we have courage to start again.

This is the story of Shaurya, a CA student who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. He has courage to go to railway station but not enough to board a train which will take him closer to his dreams. Even the thought of leaving his parents and their dream to pursue his, flinches him. So, he has accepted to li…