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The stage was set. All lights were dimmed. Holding their breaths, were the ecstatic students and staff, jam packing the auditorium. All eyes were fixed on the stage. And then, I entered, the spotlight was on me. I was completely on tenterhooks. My blood was running cold as it was the first time I was breaking out of my shell and shedding a part of my so called "studious" image. Above all, I was the protagonist of the play. Pulling myself together, I delivered my monologue and the crowd went crazy, absolutely smitten by my acting. I also ended up receiving "Best Actress" award. At that moment , I was introduced to a new side of mine. I always thought that acting was a hard nut to crack for me but I DISCOVERED MYSELF that day.

Same goes with my writing interest. Books are something that intrigue me a lot. But,writing was surely not my cup of tea, I used to think earlier. One day, I just happen to write something which was admired by all and so, I created this blog a…


I was reading The Greatness Guide - by Robin Sharma in which he was expressing his views on how people get lucky and i found the idea quite emboldening so i thought i should share it with you all.

 The word "LUCKY" is often misconstrued.I have experienced many times that when we see a successful person living flamboyant lifestyle we say "boht lucky hai" or " he is god gifted". We assume that it is just the game of destiny that these people end up being what they are now. But ,we fail to see what goes on behind the curtain. When the entire world was under the covers, living a slothful life,these people were out,burning the candle at both ends, to attain success. When we were frivolous enough to not to face travails of life, these people were standing strong against stormiest times of their lives. Pick up the biography of any great personality, you won't find a single person reaching the top of ladder just by fluke of luck

Its a piece of cake to call t…


Few months back, when i got admission into Christ University,Bengaluru, i was thrilled to bits because that was just a fluke of luck. The news was a shot in the arm for me.I bragged about it to the entire world and then went there to pursue my higher studies. But something happened there and i was completely dejected. I felt the pain of leaving my family and my very own town. I faced teething troubles and so i decided to quit. The worst part was i gave up too early and did not accept change change which was indispensable for my growth. But, better than the best part was while taking my call i did not think "log kya kahenge".
We have been given a life of human being to think, to learn,to innovate and to create But unfortunately,this society always follows the beaten path. They all were born as an ordinary and want to die in mediocrity. If someone will even try to think out of the box, this "cunning" society will push him back to that…


I am starting off with my first post on my blog "serenelyf". As the name itself suggest,i hope my vignettes will help you all to live a serene life which in today's competitive world is hard to live.
Everyone is running in a rat race without knowing the reason. Completely oblivious of the fact that they are uprooting their morals and values,they continue to chase "money" which has become a synonym of "success" for them.This reality irks me a lot.But when i dug deep into this problem,i realized that its roots goes down to each of us.First we need to change our mindset, our perspective. We need to start off small by doing things in a slightly different way from what we have been dong till now. The world will try to pull you back, but you as an individual should have audacity and tenacity to rise up again. You will face criticism but as it is rightly said "great people build monuments with the stones their critics throw at them". …