I was reading The Greatness Guide - by Robin Sharma in which he was expressing his views on how people get lucky and i found the idea quite emboldening so i thought i should share it with you all.

 The word "LUCKY" is often misconstrued.I have experienced many times that when we see a successful person living flamboyant lifestyle we say "boht lucky hai" or " he is god gifted". We assume that it is just the game of destiny that these people end up being what they are now. But ,we fail to see what goes on behind the curtain. When the entire world was under the covers, living a slothful life,these people were out,burning the candle at both ends, to attain success. When we were frivolous enough to not to face travails of life, these people were standing strong against stormiest times of their lives. Pick up the biography of any great personality, you won't find a single person reaching the top of ladder just by fluke of luck

Its a piece of cake to call these people "lucky" but i would say it is utter disrespect to their dedication and commitment.We say they are lucky because we just need an excuse to elude from working sedulously and spending sleepless nights,but it is rightly said "It is impossible to build a tribute to success on a foundation of excuses". We are afraid to take the first step because we have an evil sitting inside called "fear". We just wait for something scintillating to happen in our lives which could turn the tables around. But friends, that moment will never gonna come unless you have an unwavering passion for your work.

Robin Sharma says it very well -" We all are flesh and bones - cut from the same cloth" and this is very true. We all are capable to do something extraordinary, something swashbuckling only if we know what to do. Everyone falls , everyone stumbles, but only few make it to the end and these are the EFFICACIOUS ones, not the LUCKY ones.

If you want to make it to the end then get your head down to your dream. Come rain, come shine, but your focus should not be moved.So chase your dream until you catch it!!

And don't forget " Successful people are not born lucky . They get lucky"


  1. I don't know What Robin Sharma says but I am impressed with you writing. But mind that people used to believe more in written words than spoken ones. So be careful you carry greater responsibility while you write in a blog as it reaches to all kind of people and general public.In hindu mythology it is believed that luck is accumulated brought forward balance of your karma i.e. good or bad deeds of an earlier birth and it works like positive or negative factor. We experience it in daily life that a person who works really hard is rewarded very poorly while many others live lavishly without doing any thing. Why a person is born in poor family while other person is born in a rich family. This is all due to luck. You can't get luck in your present life. More over Bhagwad Geeta says कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन means we have right to work but their results are not always as we desire. कर्म कर फल की इच्छा मत कर why because every work have its pre destined result instead of the desired results.

    May God bless you.

    1. Thanku soo much anil uncle for your guidance.. :) :D

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  2. Few lines of my comment need editing having typing and grammatical mistakes but unable to do it now so just ignore such mistakes.


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