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"This poem is what success has to say to all those who don't get it even after trying hard."
"With darkest of days, With nastiest of pain, I filled your life  just to gauge your love for me. But, your desire to touch me, feel me and taste me was unwavering. I was far away, not easy to reach  but, you still searched for me and your aplomb was never reduced to zilch. ∽∽∽ I saw tears dripping from your eyes. Eyes, that also stared hard at fear. I felt your broken heart. Heart, that had fissures only for valour to seep in. I heard your whimpers when you fell, only to rise again. You had unflinching love for me and so, At last, I had to come. ∽∽∽ I came in your life to change it; for good, to make it more daring, more riveting. But, you exulted in your victory. You lost warmth towards world and found arrogance in you.  You missed that I came but, I could  also leave you. ∽∽∽ Still, I gave you chance to hold me tight. To not let me leave. But, you became too complacent to  …


Escape within yourself sometimes,
leaving behind your love and care
 for heartless people
your promises and commitments for selfish world.
To discover, explore and unveil your forte
Run away within yourself sometimes.

Cry your eyes out sometimes.
For tears are invincible and obstinate.
If not gushed out, they make hearts heavy and eyes misty.
Have bouts of laughter sometimes,
to scare away the impediments of your life
Bottled-up emotions are malicious always. So,
Let the feelings flow sometimes.

Fall hard and taste failure sometimes.
Bitter it may be, but a great pedagogue it is.
Teaching and chiding you along the way,
it will hold your hand
till the threshold of success. So, you just have to
Rise always and fall sometimes.