Yesterday, I found The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne and I just happen to read that book, though it was lying in my shelf for quiet some time. As I flipped through the pages, I was completely blown away and could not resist myself to share the mind boggling idea with you all. There might be many people who are already acquainted with this Secret, but there are few who still don't know it.So, read on if you want to change your life!

 The Secret is the Law of Attraction.This Law introduces us to the power of our thoughts.It says "what you think is what you attract".Whatever is happening in your life is because you have attracted it through your thoughts.If you are thinking negative thoughts, you will face only negativity in life. You will come across more and more negative circumstances in life.If you are thinking positive, it will flow in your life and you will see more positivity around you.You can take charge of your life with your thoughts.You can create your life exactly the way you want to live it.That's the power of your mind.What you think about the most is what you will get.With this power you can achieve anything in life no matter how big it is.You might find the idea very uncanny, but this is very imperative and had been used by great leaders several years ago and is still useful.

Your each thought has a particular frequency.When you think a thought, they are sent out in the Universe to attract that same kind of thought having the same frequency.You need to keep a check on your thoughts if you want to attract what you want.Now, you may wonder that it is impractical to have control on each and every thought.So,here is the solution.Your feelings!The will help you. Ask yourself how you are feeling.If your answer is good, that means you are attracting positivity. If your answer is bad, then it is a warning to change your thinking pattern because it is impossible to feel bad when you are thinking constructive thoughts.

So, if you want to change your life, first change your thinking. Ask yourself what is your goal of life and then paint a clear picture of you achieving that goal. Feel as if you are living your dream life. Keep sending messages to this Universe full of positivity and a day will come when you will actually live your dream life.Want to have money? Think about it all the time and feel as if it is really coming to you. Want to live a sumptuous life? Think about it and behave as if you are living it already.To feel that you reached your goal is very important as it will attract stronger positive thoughts.You don't need to know 'how'.Because it again shows that you are negative and don't have faith.Your job is just to believe that you will get it for sure.Keep saying this to your mind.

Believe. Have Faith and trust me you will get it!!


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