I was in a clinic and was waiting for my turn to consult the doctor. Since it was taking too long, I just got into a conversation with the receptionist. She told me one incident that surprised me and I was miffed too. The receptionist had a friend who was slightly healthy. She did not look that awkward, but her close friends teased her and advised her to shed some weight off. Now, that girl took it so seriously that she went on dieting for weeks and ultimately was admitted to a hospital where she died! Just imagine the extent to which people go just to get a letter of approval with the signatures of this society!

We all have a bad habit that we want to be loved by all. We don't want our haters to exist and this is the main reason why we don't accept our imperfections. In this struggle of becoming a perfect person, we end up becoming a messy person. If you want the world to love you, there is no need to pretend and be fake. It just requires a simple action: you need to love yourself. Praise yourself everyday in front of mirror because you are perfect with your imperfections. Even if nobody likes you, you got to love yourself. Eventually, you will attract people. Still, you will have your critics. You can't escape them but life would be much more easier if you let go off the masks that you wear for the society.

Nobody is impeccable. When you complain that your skin color is dark, there are millions of white people who are unhappy with their weight. When you hate yourself for being so fat, there are millions who are slim and fit but are suffering from other diseases. So, in this whole world, nobody is perfect and nobody has everything. Each person has his own flaws and plus points. If you will feed the former, you will keep seeing more flaws in you. If you will feed the latter, you will give yourself and others endless reasons to love you. Keep saying to yourself, "I am fine the way I am". Take pride in what you have because there are some people craving for a life like yours.

Now, you might think that I am asking you to be complacent and to ignore all the mistakes that you do, even the most deadliest ones just because you have to love yourself. No, friends! There is a subtle difference between being egoistic and loving yourself. When your self-satisfaction goes to that extent where you do not pay heed to even constructive criticism, you are termed as a smug. But, when you hold on to opinions and views of people about you so much that you are ready to change your real personality, that I would say is absolutely asinine of you. You need to be smart enough to know when you have to consider a advice and when not to.

I shared this with you all hoping that I was be able to get the message into your thick skulls. Just remember, 'You are fine the way you are'.


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