When all athletes were falling down one by one and when India's probability of coming back empty handed rose to a next level, there came the two shining stars, Pusarla V.S. and Sakshi Malik, both women, reviving hopes and opening India's account of Olympic medals. The "never say die" attitude has definitely paid off. Facing insurmountable difficulties, they emerged as victorious and gave every Indian a reason to celebrate.

Sakshi Malik was given a second chance and she turned the tables in her favor only in the last few seconds. The 23 year old girl from Haryana began her journey of wrestling when she was just 12 and can you imagine the reason? She wanted to sit on a plane and fly to different countries.Little did she knew that her naive desire would make her an up and coming personality. While, she gifted a bronze medal to India, Sindhu was also on a roll.Success didn't just come knocking at her door. She has definitely swept every Indian off his feet. In a country where the bond between its people and cricket is unbreakable and where badminton is just any other sport to them,this 21 year old shuttler has become the talk of the town. She had anxious moments through out every game ,she was intimidated when the crowd was going crazy, when millions of people had their eyes glued on to the television, but the hunger for victory was insatiable till she ended up receiving a silver medal. Sindhu was never complacent with a silver medal and so never gave a single chance to World No. 1, Carolina Marin to relax and was constantly matching her moves Though she could not make it, but still she left no stone unturned to grab a gold medal.

Both the athletes have two things in common. First, they are WOMEN. Second, despite having such out of the box dreams which requires breaking the orthodox mentality of this society, their parents supported them. Unlike majority of people who still see girls as a huge burden and follows obnoxious practices against girls and hesitate in spending money on them, these parents were standing strong and undaunted besides their daughters through all thicks and thins.Its a slap to the face of all those people who confines women to the four walls of their house and its a perfect epitome for all those stoical women who are enduring all the hardships and pain. India is capable of producing thousands of Sindhu and Sakshi but only if women can break the fetters that were tied to them years ago and are still there, lying rusted!!


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RISKS- By Janet Rand